Name Enquiry & Validation

This document describes the Interswitch Name Validation and Name Enquiry API specifications.  

The Name Validation API is implemented and used to validate an account number and return the account holders name.

The Name Enquiry API is implemented and used to validate a unqiue customer ID and return various other customer related information like phone number and address details. For more information on how to access this API kindly reach out to your account manager in Interswitch.

Name Validation API

The Name Validation API is implemented and used to validate an account number.

Request Endpoint


Authentication Headers

Please refer to the link below on how to calcualate the various Interswitch Headers:- Interswitch Headers Calculation*

Field Value
Content Type application/json
Authorization InterswitchAuth SUtJQTg5MDEwMjE3MDQ0QjAxNkZFNDY3RkY0QjZFRjlBMURBMzFEQ0RFRU
Signature fSs8NaJfGR8lwcsJVcjIwz9d4sU=
Nonce 83ba3a8796fb1d4e54ceea45622b8e1d
Timestamp 1568615933
SignatureMethod SHA1
bankCode 033
accountId 9999999999

Request Details

Field Field name Data type Max length Required Description
1 bankCode String 3 Yes
2 accountId String 10 Yes

Sample Response

{"accountName": "Nnamdi Olakunle"} {"errors"=>[ {"code"=>"E38", "message"=>"Request payload is invalid"}], "error"=> {"code"=>"E38", "message"=>"Request payload is invalid"}} {"code": "96", "message": "Invalid Account"}

Response Fields

Field Field name Data type Max length Required Description
1 accountName String 100 Yes Customers full name
Field Field name Description
1 HTTP 200 Success
2 HTTP 400 Request Payload is invalid
3 HTTP 500 Error

Name Enquiry API

Service Specification

Enquiry API

Account Types

Account Type Description
10 Savings Account
20 Current Account
30 Credit

Test Details

Valid Account Dormant Account
Account Number: 9999999999 Bank Code: 011 Account Number: 0000000000 Bank Code: 086

Sanbox and Production Endpoints

Sample Code

Find below a sample code written in C#:

  • NameEnquiry
  • Postman Collection:-
  • Client ID:- IKIA89010217044B016FE467FF4B6EF9A1DA31DCDEEB
  • Secret Key:- +SD6XVQ7D6SOZkSQJ9N3ki5eApIhXcaE6RihioHPj/Y=